After making the decision to re-side your home, the options a homeowner has can be overwhelming.

Budget, appearance, and durability are just a few things a homeowner needs to consider. Our team at Hometown Remodeling strive to make those decisions a breeze.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your siding.

Aluminum siding

  • resistant to insect damage, fire, and rot
  • ideal for cold climates and areas with strong winds
  • minimum maintenance, easy cleaning
  • minimal insulation, possibility of fading on the areas of your home that see constant sun
  • scratches can be easily seen and dents are possible with high impact

Fiber cement siding

  • durable in cold climate and harsh winds
  • these panels are heavy and hard to cut
  • panels can shatter on impact
  • maintenance requires priming and painting every 15 to 20 years

Vinyl siding

  • most versatile option
  • cannot be painted, however vinyl siding is available a wide variety of colors and textures
  • foam backing can be installed behind the siding for insulation and sound proofing
  • vinyl siding tends to melt or burn if exposed to high heat
  • can crack or fade after a few years, depending on climate in your area

Wood siding

  • Cedar is the most popular and durable, however also the most expensive
  • Wood siding holds paint well, however it must be primed and painted or otherwise treated every few years to avoid insect damage, rotting and/or warping
  • wood siding can be purchased factory primed to ensure maximum resistance to moisture
  • maintenance on wood siding can be expensive as well as time consuming

Call the experts at Hometown Remodeling to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about siding your home.

We are always happy to help!


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